Tap-a Tap-a Tap-a, Tap-a Tap-a Tap-a

One of the coolest weapons in the game is the vanguard missile system which allows players to launch explosive rockets right into the faces of your enemies – most specifically the jetpack soldiers that usually annoy the hell out of you from on-high. Raining death from below on those who usually rain death from above is an ultimately satisfying experience, but the game’s reliance on the touch screen for target selection diminishes some of the joy of unleashing a deadly artillery strike.

It works simply enough; enemies are circled in red and you just poke them to fire a heat-seeker at them, but switching your hands from on the sticks to on the screen is still an experience I’ve yet to get comfortable with. On top of this, it feels a little unfulfilling because of the ease. The attack is intended to be a rare, over-the-top treat, but part of me wishes there was some more challenge involved in making the strikes work. It’s not so much frustrating as it is deflating and if you’re the kind of person who can sit back and enjoy an uncompromised spectacle like this, you’ll definitely enjoy it. Otherwise though, you may find yourself wishing there was a little more gameplay attached to the devastation.