Just days after releasing stop-and-frisk data from 2011 that showed there were a record number of stops that year, the NYPD has released statistics from 2012. According to this new set of data, not only did the numbers of stops drop, less weapons were found as well. 

To be exact, there were 22 percent less stops in 2012 and the NYPD found 14 percent less weapons. According to spokesman Paul Browne, the fall in numbers reflects decreased staffing in "impact zones," or high-crime areas.

Five percent of the stops resulted with a summons being issued and 6 percent ended in arrest. Those figures are roughly the same as 2011. Furthermore, 55 percent of people stopped by the NYPD were black. The NYCLU says that this is proof that the department continues to target minorities.

According to executive director Donna Lieberman: “These numbers show that the NYPD continues to stop, interrogate and humiliate innocent people far too frequently and that New Yorkers of color continue to bear the brunt of this indignity.” 

[via NY Post]

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