All things considered, James Deen seems like a pretty cool dude. All reports about what went on during the filming of his first feature film, The Canyons, seem to point towards his co-star, fallen star Lindsay Lohan, being a gigantic nightmare to work with, but according to Deen himself in a new essay he penned for The Daily Beast, he still likes her. Talk about patience.

"I am sick of discussing Lindsay. I am sick of people twisting words and gossiping. I can’t speak for Lindsay or how she feels. I only know I didn’t feel like she thought I was a joke. She made me feel good when I was around her...I think Lindsay is amazing," Deen wrote, presumably without a gun being held to his head. "And I don’t have a single negative thing to say about her."

Who doesn't this guy like? 

Well, he gets into that in the essay too. Apparently, James Franco! Tell us, James Deen:

After my first meeting with [Director Paul Schrader], he mentioned he was going to a James Franco party for an art piece he commissioned called “Rebel Dabble Babble.” “I’m in that!” I told him. I ended up crashing the party with Bret, but that’s another story. My not receiving an invite to a party to celebrate a project I was part of is the point. One, Franco is a dick. Two, I would be fighting an uphill battle. Paul and his wife were not the only ones who thought of me as a party trick. 

You can read the whole essay - including how he believes Schrader is a "genius" and would "follow him to the ends of the earth" - here.

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[via Vulture]