Reality television has never been about promoting genuinely good values like self-respect and confidence, so it shouldn't be surprising that Fox is reviving a 2004 show that surrounded deeming a group of women "ugly" enough to be gifted with an extreme makeover complete with plastic surgery. 

According to Deadline, the network has just greenlit a two-hour special based off of The Swan, which originally ran for two seasons until it was canceled due to falling ratings. The new special has a twist though - it's called Celebrity Swan, and instead of featuring normal women, it will feature a group of (only female) celebrities looking to "reinvent themselves for a comeback." These methods of reinvention, however, will be exactly the same as the old series, and still include cosmetic surgery. This probably wouldn't even be as bad if men were cast on the show as well, but once again, there's no room for shame in this industry.

Nothing has been confirmed in the way of who will be featured, but apparently the infamous Monica Lewinsky's name has been mentioned as a possibility. 

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[via Deadline]