Learn to love diet soda. Why? Because a recent study claims that mixing it with liquor as opposed to regular soda will get you even more wasted. As Gawker notes, the sodas that the scientists elected to use were Squirt and Diet Squirt, so judge away as you read the details of the study.

Subjects were asked to drink a placebo, an alcoholic beverage with regular soda and one with diet soda. Afterwards, each of the 16 subjects was asked "Do you feel drunk?" and their BrAC levels and reaction times were measured. Those who drank the diet soda mixture had an "averaged a peak BrAC level of 0.091 g/210 L," compared to 0.077 g/210 L for those who drank the regular mixture.

Everyone who drank the diet soda mixture was 18 percent drunker, and didn't even notice. The explanation? The human body doesn't know how to process the chemicals in artificial sweeteners. So, go forth and purchase diet soda as a mixer for the weekend. Just make sure its Squirt.

[via Gawker]