Under the rules proposed by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board governing liquor sales in D.C., pharmacies might not have the option to do so.

In January, the board approved rules that define what a full-service grocery store is. To be considered a grocery store, a store would have to sell four of the five types of basic foods. In addition, a store would have to dedicate over half of its retail space (or 6,000 square-feet) to these products.

Walgreens has been applying for liquor licenses in D.C. as a full-service grocery store. This is the only way to maneuver around a moratorium on liquor licenses for "off-premises vendors."Sometimes, both Walgreens and CVS have been granted licenses. Other times, they've been protested.

However, under the new rules, pharmacies will get the shaft unless they offer a much wider variety of food. A hearing has been scheduled for Feb. 28 to further discuss the issue and take public opinions into account.

[via DCist]