Though Kevin Smith revealed only last December that he wanted to release Clerks III in 2014, according to Vulture, the plan may have already changed. In a new interview on What's Trending, Smith revealed that he's considering turning his last film into a book instead, which would be released in installments. 

"I know people would go, 'Why would you want to? You’re an artist,'" Smith said. "I’m a new-media artist and the new-media artist involves the audience and that’s something I’ve been doing for nearly 20 years at this point anyway." Though nothing's official yet, Smith says that with this format, it would allow him to explore the characters on a deeper level, and focus on details in a way that a film wouldn't allow - plus, by releasing the book in installments, he'd have the ability to take into consideration fan's feedback.

If this route happens to be the one taken, that doesn't mean a film is completely out of the question though - Smith also added that, if he does happen to write it as a book, a feature film or even a web series could follow afterwards.

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[via Vulture]