The Lovers: Haytham Kenway and Kaniehtí:io

"I'm actually curious to know what your mother might have said about me. I always wondered what life might have been like had she and I stayed together."

Kaniehtí:io had a lot of reasons to distrust Haytham Kenway. Having been captured and enslaved by British colonists after years of warning her tribe about the invaders, Haytham initially represented all she hated about the white man. Love found its way between the two however and the result was our hero, Ratonhnhaké:ton.

However, love needs perpetual trust to thrive and fearing her son may turn out like his father she kept the child a secret leading to a rather impactful inverse of the old Empire Strikes Back trope. Victims of circumstance, this romance was never meant to lead to a happy household.