Catch Me If You Can

Being such small little things, Atoi and Iota don’t really have too much in their arsenal to defend them from the harsh world. Wendigos, ancient beasts of fable, are the biggest of Tearaway’s threats and without any ability to fight back it’s up to you to guide your wafer-thin friend to safety through Benny Hill style run-abouts as the Wendigos chase you up and around obstacles, doing their best to catch up.

When aversion simply isn’t an option, you’ll have to lure the Wendigos into traps either through luring them with deliberate pathing or through baiting them with pearls (their favourite food). The adorableness of this process is amplified when you finally do manage to snare one and the cage bursts forth from the ground, wrapping the grumpy aggressors in a tidy little present with a bow.