Address: 422 Congress Ave.

Austin is comprised of two main downtown drinking districts: 6th Street, the fratastic, cheapskate district, and the Warehouse District, which is more upscale and refined (at least by comparison). If you get any large group of people together and go to one area, it never fails that some self-important person in your party will be stubbornly determined to get to the other. At the prime location of 5th and Congress, Geisha Room connects these two contrasting sanctums. Good thing too, as it acts as a much needed midway point for migratory douchecanoes to stop in for a drink and attempt making out with a drunk girl on the plush velvet couch that sits nearly on top of the dance floor. The flashing dance floor lights will make the whole thing seem like a trippy dream as you blink repeatedly while watching them work their vodka-soaked tonsils. And if you’re lucky, you’ll leave with mono, the true playa’s disease.