Want to add a celebrity to your list of Twitter followers? Scandal star Joshua Malina is currently following fans on Twitter to celebrate his upcoming 47th birthday, which is January 17. He is not just following anyone, however; Malina will only follow individuals who donate $10 to Mazon, a Jewish hunger-fighting charity. 

"A minimal kick-in gets you a heartfelt thank-you and a year's worth of being followed by me on Twitter," Malina said in a statement on Causes.com. "At least once a week, I will check in to your feed, and laugh gently to myself at something you've posted. Promise!"

Fans have a little more than a week to help out Malina feed the hungry for his birthday. His goal was to raise $1 billion, but currently he is shy of breaking $7,500. Discuss last night's episode of Scandal with Malina on Twitter after donating to Mazon here.

[via Mashable]