For anybody who has ever faced the everyday struggle of trying to use a smartphone with a cracked screen, Google might soon have an answer to your problem. As Pete Pachal reports:

There's a good chance Google X will be much more durable than the phones of today. Rumors about the phone center around the screen being bendable, similar to a prototype device Samsung unveiled at CES. The benefits of a "bendy" phone are questionable, but using a flexible display would result in a phone that's much more immune to shattering, unlike the relatively fragile touch screens of today. 

In a Wired interview, however, Google CEO Larry Page did hint at his growing interest in durable devices. "There’s a lot of room for innovation in hardware," Page said. "The phones we use now have glass that everyone worries will break if they drop the device. Five or 10 years from now, that will be different."

[via Mashable]