It’s featured on countless comic book covers, video games, movies, t-shirts, and tattoos around the globe, but did you know that there have been over 120 different designs for Superman’s famous “S” shield over the years? The iconic symbol emblazoned across the Man of Steel’s chest might be his trademark now, but in the early days it was as primitive as a simple yellow triangle with an “S” crudely drawn in the middle.

Since the '40s, there have been numerous changes to the design that have helped to turn it into a symbol of the world's most popular superhero. And now Steve Younis and his team over at Superman Homepage have compiled an incredibly detailed chart that shows the evolution of the “S” over the years.

In it we see everything from its first humble appearance in Action Comics #1, through the current comic logo in the New 52 and the upcoming shield for the Man of Steel movie. There are also some variations along the way, like the logos from the comic series Superman: Red Son and Kingdom Come. Take a look at the chart below, and be sure to visit the website to go into even more detail on the process behind creating this.

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[Newarama via Superman Homepage]