There will be considerably less nudity in San Francisco now. Despite the protest, a federal judge has upheld the city's nudity ban, much to the dismay of nudists in The Bay Area. According to U.S. District Judge Edward Chen, the ban will stand because nudity is "not inherently expressive."

However, Chen said that challenges to the law could still be considered as valid if police try to punish people "using nudity in the context of political protest." According to the SFGate's City Insider blog, Chen rejected the claims of lawyer Christina DiEdoardo, who said that the ban was discriminatory because it didn't apply to children under the age of 5, or events like the Folsom Street Fair or Bay to Breakers.

Chen said that public nudity was basically expected at the Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers. However, if the 49ers win the Super Bowl on Sunday, you can definitely expect some streaking.

[via SFist]