Disney today announced Disney Infinity at a press conference in Los Angeles, and it turned out to be exactly what we thought it would: Disney's version of Activision's massively popular Skylanders, which combines real-world figurines with in-game action.

Basically, you buy figurines (there will be 40 at launch, including 17 Disney and Pixar characters, some set pieces, and "power discs" that grant you new abilities in-game) and put them on the "Disney Infinity Base." They then activate corresponding elements in the game. Apparently it's like plastic crack for kids, if Activision's success with the formula is anything to go by.

Combine that with Disney franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University and The Incredibles and we're guessing you've got a winner. In addition to crafted levels and stories, players will be able to combine different elements to make their own experiences. We doubt this will be quite as robust as LittleBigPlanet, though just how advanced it will be remains to be seen.

Disney Infinity will be released in June across Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, and PC, with an accompanying mobile app. What do you think? Can Disney succeed where Activision already has?

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