Where: Weston, West Virginia
Years Of Operation: 1864 to 1994

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was built to house 250 patients, but by 1949, the hospital had over 2,400 people in its care. Shockingly, overcrowding was the least of the Trans-Allegheny's issues. A 1949 investigation conducted by The Charleston Gazette found unruly patients locked in cages, lobotomies being performed with rudimentary instruments such as ice picks, and hundreds of neglected patients, conditions that undoubtedly contributed to the tens of thousands of lives the asylum claimed over its years of operation. Amazingly, the institution only came to a close in 1994. Now, it's billed as a "haunted asylum" to paranormal seekers, who can stay overnight if they can summon the courage.