While you've been out here dropping dough on girls like a fool, the rest of your generation has been forming meaningful connections via text message. Because that's how us millennials do, in case you hadn't heard.

In another hard-hitting investigation into the human psyche, the New York Times has discovered that dating is now as obsolete as the Blackberry. Rather than getting to know each other over an intimate dinner, young people have taken to "hanging out" instead. This non-date may or may not include other people present. 

What's to blame for this sudden shift in perspective? The NY Times says it's our pesky "hookup culture" which is "characterized by spontaneous, commitment-free (and often, alcohol-fueled) romantic flings." Also a harbinger of hard times for romance is our reliance on tweets and texts to find a person to spend the rest of our lives with. 

"Being too formal too early can send a message that a man is ready to get serious," said Lex Edness, an L.A. television writer. So, there you have it, gentleman. Taking a woman on a real date (ie: setting a time and a place to meet and actually showing up) is dangerous and may result in her assuming you're about to propose.

To avoid this, it's best to not take her anywhere too thoughtful, and to keep as many friends around as possible, lest you be stuck talking to her one on one. And, it goes without saying, never call when you can just send a tweet.

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[via NY TImes]