Air dates: January 1999-present

Remember when Craig Kilborn hosted the first incarnation of The Daily Show. Neither can we. After three years under the marginally humorous Kilborn's watch, Comedy Central's tongue-in-cheek, late night news show underwent a major overhaul in January 1999, when respected comedian Jon Stewart stepped in to takeover hosting duties. And the face of political commentating was forever altered—for the better.

'Tis the age we live in, where most youngsters get their news from two primary sources: Twitter and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Which could explain why so many teenagers and twentysomethings are armed with so many sharp, piercing jokes about right-wing dingbats (i.e., Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh), governmental inadequacies, and an impressive perspective and handle on the world's loftiest issues.