Neighborhood: Garment District
Address: 625 8th Ave.
Date Visited: 12/2/2012, 12/16/2012
Smelled Like: Exhaust
Most Heinous Feature: The threat of being hit by a bus.

The worst thing about the bathrooms at the Port Authority is the proximity to the bus terminals. There's less than a yard between the door to the men's room and the doors to the buses. On a busy day, the two lines intertwine like snakes, the smell of exhaust mingling with the stench of sweat from tired travellers waiting for a bus that should've arrived six hours ago. Just like Grand Central's bathrooms, the restrooms of the Port Authority are maintained as best they can be, but even a round-the-clock staff can't keep up with the demand.

On the day we visited, every urinal was covered in a clear tarp. Only the stalls could provide relief. Things will only become worse as holiday travel picks up.