To quote the good folks at Weekend Update on SNL: "Really!?!" 

Apparently your iPhone has a new way to quiet your stomach rumblings. The Survival Senbai Rice Cracker iPhone Case not only protects your device but, according to the Japan Trend Shop where it's currently sold out, can be consumed if hunger overcomes you. The product is described as:

Handmade from brown rice and salt by “Mariko”, this is one of the funniest and most original phone cases we’ve seen in a while. The Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Cover is literally part food, part phone case ... and great in an emergency when you are desperate for a snack!

If you want a case that will provide 100% protection, don’t get this one. It’s literally made of rice so probably will break if dropped. However, then you can always eat it! A tongue-in-cheek design that shows the Japanese obsession with both tech and cuisine.

Better ways to spend your money include: flushing it down the toilet, giving it to one of those Nigerian Internet scams, or just burning it. Label this under: Bad ideas.

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