They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the 32 photographers that have gathered to take part in the Samsung GALAXY "Life's a Photo" contest are hoping theirs are each worth a million. Hailing from 8 different cities from around the globe, these lifestyle photographers document their world and daily lives, and you can view the fruits of their efforts at There you'll find a wide array of photo portraits showing what makes each city so amazing. Whether capturing pics of famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower, the changing seasons in London and Berlin, the simple pleasures of a Milan bakery, or fresh produce in Madrid, these artists are capturing the true essence of their cities with every flash and click—all with the stunning image quality of the Samsung GALAXY.

You can follow the Tumblr page and share with friends, or you can search for #LifesaPhoto and #GALAXYCamera. There is no better way to see so many cities in their most authentic, most breathtaking light.

To see the amazing photography from the 32 photographers from the Life's a Photo project, check out Tumblr.