A New Hampshire family was stunned when they received a tab calling them a "100 percent shitshow" after receiving terrible service at a Friendly's. “I looked at my daughter and my husband and I said, ‘I don’t believe what this says,'” said Dawn Cunningham. The worst part of this story is that the restaurant is guilty of failing as an establishment, in addition to the disrespect they left on the bottom of the check.

The Cunningham's waited at a Friendly's for 30 minutes before flagging down a server to take their orders. Forty-five minuets later, the food arrived. It wasn't theirs. Soon, more food came, which also was not theirs. Apparently the waitress who took their order never submitted it; instead, she just left. The Cunningham's smugly remarked that an employee must have typed the comment unless Friendly's has a "shitshow button."

Despite the incident, the family still says they'll eat at the restaurant. Friendly's dismissed the employees behavior as "completely unacceptable," and issued a statement saying "“We are investigating this with the restaurant and will take swift action....We hope we get the opportunity to rectify this directly with the guest."

[via NY Daily News]