Silver Lake resident Mack Reed had the strangest Thursday ever when he stumbled upon $175,000 worth of marijuana chilling in his backyard. He detailed the experience on his Tumblr, but not before calling the LAPD to dig it up and confiscate the illegal goods. Reed is installing solar panelling in his home, and the last step involved a tech from panelling company Sungevity taking photos and notes about his home.

As Reed was showing the tech an in-ground hot tub installed by the home's previous owner, he noticed a bag. Inside of that bag was a bunch of weed. Jars, bags, and sealed packages of weed. This proved to be awkward for both Reed and the Sungevity tech. All Reed could do was mutter "This isn't mine." 

"This … this isn't mine," I stammer, realizing how suspicious that sounds. I haul it up and put it on the drawn hatch.

"Who the hell could have put this here? The last time I was down here was 2 months ago to drain and refill the tub, and this wasn't here."

I undo the clip from the grommets on its soggy lips and open it.

And all I can do is stare and curse - a lot - and stare some more.

Thousands of dense little marijuana buds stare back at me, through industrial vacuum-sealed plastic, through thick Ziploc bags, through the crystal-argyle pattern of glass jelly-jars - all labeled in looping Sharpie letters with names like "Lemon Haze" and "Bubble Mix."

"What is it?"

"It's, um …" I venture.

I show him. "It's dope, It's a big bag of marijuana."

The LAPD currently has possession of the 61 packages of weed, which someone is definitely looking for. The upside is that now they can rest assured that it's in a safe place. However, things may not go smoothly for whoever's looking to claim it.

[via Gawker]