Last week, the country was shocked with the devastating news that someone had open fire on Newtown, Connecticut‘s Sandy Hook Elementary. Twenty children were murdered along with several teachers. Since the horrific incident, the country has been united in mourning, and people since day one, have offered their support and respect to the families.

One person's voice in particular has caught the ear of  the mainstream through social media, and it's that of video game journalist and Owner/Founder of GamerFitNation (a health and wellness media site for gamers) Antwand Pearman. Pearman's Operation Cease Fire was a call to action that challenged gamers to avoid playing any type of shooting games for one day out of respect for the lives lost in last week's tragedy.

Antwand's video message (see below) and Facebook event have gone viral with many supporting the cause, but there are some gamers who are a bit skeptical of its perception. Some gamers have noted that this positive movement could easily turn negative once the media got its sensational hands on it. We had the opportunity to meet with Antwand Pearman to hear his thoughts on #OSCEASEFIRE and to share more details about the cause. 

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