Another day, another Fox News screw-up. This time, an unfortunate typo of the word "illiterate" in the headline of a Fox Nation article attacking Obama voters. The mistake has been fixed on the article itself, but luckily someone at Media Matters caught a screencap of the typo and tossed it up on Twitter to be immortalized on blogs everywhere. 

The article, if you're interested, focuses on a father in North Carolina who wants his developmentally-disabled daughter's vote removed because he doesn't think she's eligible to vote. Under North Carolina law, though, she is in fact eligible, so her vote will stay no matter how many article Fox publishes about the story.

What's even worse about the typo, however, is the fact that Fox picked up the article from The Daily Caller and just changed the headline. The original story's headline used the much more politically correct term "developmentally disabled," while Fox decided to forgo that altogether and use the term "illiterate" - or, in their case, "illterate." Karma really can be a hilarious bitch sometimes, huh?

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[via @mmfa]