Online dating just got a reboot. Canoodle, which is currently in beta and owned by the UK-based e-dating company Cupid, is aiming to maximize potential matches with the help of Facebook. As BuzzFeed reports:

When users log in through Facebook, Canoodle looks at what they've liked and helps them find people who like the same things. Sean Wood, communications director of Cupid, notes that searching for people who share your interests isn't especially easy on Facebook, and says Canoodle solves that problem, helping users meet like-minded dates or just potential friends.

Of course, not everyone's Facebook likes accurately describe their personality—if you're an indiscriminate liker, or a parsimonious one, Canoodle may not be for you. And if you're a pushover, someone who just likes the things your friends aggressively suggest that you like, then Canoodle may get a more accurate picture of your friends than of you. The site does ask users to fill out a more traditional written profile as well, perhaps to get around these issues.

Canoodle also lets users search for prospective matches by vicinity, similar to what Grindr accomplishes with its location-based hookup service.  What's even more interesting, despite Canoodle determining daters through "likes," the real name attached to your Facebook account is hidden until you are ready to reveal it.

[via BuzzFeed