Director: Leigh Scott
Stars: Matthew Wolf, Griff Furst, Eliza Swenson, Amy Weber, Shaley Scott

Clearly, the people responsible for movies like Snakes on a Train and The Da Vinci Treasure have no shame. In 2007, that wonderfully unimaginative production company The Asylum took director Leigh Scott's existing sci-fi flick, then called Robot Wars, and gave it a new, ready-to-capitalize-on-Michael-Bay's-Transformers title: Transmorphers, even though Scott's movie had little in common with the Hasbro-backed box office titan.

Don't misconstrue that as sympathy for Mr. Scott, however. Regardless of what The Asylum did to his film, it's still a steaming pile of cinematic fecal matter. Rather than give audiences any cool money-shots, Scott dedicates most of Transmorphers to insufferable characters annoyingly bickering indoors, and when the time finally comes for some action, the robots are mostly left off screen. Probably because even the filmmakers couldn't bear to look at poorly rendered CGI anymore.