Super Soldier

Primary Weapon: M8A1 (Reflex Sight, Fast Mag)

Secondary Weapon: None

Lethal: None

Tactical: None

Perks: Ghost, Toughness, Dexterity

Wildcards: Primary Gunfighter (Foregrip), Perk 1 Greed (Hardline)

You're an all-American hero and you want everyone to know it. With precision and mobility, you enter the battlefield with your burst-firing M8A1 decked out with a Reflex Sight and Foregrip for speedy, steady aiming and a Fast Mag for even quicker reloads. The last thing you want is to be caught reloading with this all-or-nothing loadout.

Ghost is a late-game unlock, but it's the absolute best at keeping you undetected while on the move, giving you the jump on your opponents. Toughness will help your aim stay true mid-firefight while Dexterity further increases your aiming speed so you won't even have to worry about your enemies firing back.
You won't have any other options to fall back on if you're a lousy shot, so this is best for those who've got a steady hand. With no grenades or tactical options, there's nothing but you and your gun out there all alone. Better make good friends with it.