After a few years of doing completely CGI movies like Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, and The Polar Express, director Robert Zemeckis finally returned to flesh-and-blood filmmaking this year with Flight. But only a few weeks after that real world movie hit theaters, he told MTV that he is looking to do a sequel to his 1988 animation/live-action hybrid movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Not only that, but he already has the script ready to go for it.

"I'm happy with the script. It's very good. It's written by the original writers, and it's good," Zemeckis told the site. "[But Disney] is still thinking about it. If I were to do the sequel, it would be done just like the first one. It would look the same way, but we would present it in 3-D in its release. I would do all of the animation hand-drawn; 2-D, but using 3-D tools. It wouldn't be like Pixar 3-D. It wouldn't look like that."

So it seems like Zemeckis might be looking to go back to the animated world, while combining it with live-action like the original. He also confirmed that the sequel would be a period piece like the 1988 version as well. Now it’s up to Disney to decide whether or not this type of film would work with today’s audience.

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[via MTV]