Four students at Ohio's Baldwin Wallace University were indicted earlier this month for doing just about everything wrong while operating an ecstasy lab on campus. Last May, they were busted for attempting to steal materials from the school's chemistry lab to cook ecstasy in an empty dorm room. Someone should tell these kids that too much television is bad for them.

Lauren Pajerski, 22; Benjamin Knight, 24; Jonathan Beckwith, 23; and Max Cickovskis, 22, were all indicted on November 16 for a multitude of drug charges including the assembly and possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs. Oh, and they were growing marijuana, too. Knight and Pajerski received additional charges for theft and burglary.

Aside from communicating about everything via text messages, the dumbest thing they discussed was what they would wear while breaking and entering. Apparently, Pajerski had to discourage Knight from wearing his "really sweet fedora" during the attempted heist. 

If only they realized that Breaking Bad is fiction and Walter White isn't real—even though he is.

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[via Gawker]