Game: Super Mario Bros.
What Makes Him Bad: Stealing away Princess Peach to turn Mario's life into a living nightmare.
What Makes Him Cool: He still manages to intimidate despite being hopelessly incompetent.

One of the more memorable of the classic gaming baddies and easily the most persistent. Spanning a never ending number of sequels he's been terrorizing kingdoms since the golden days of gaming. But he rarely finds success in any of his dastardly plots, failing time and again to kidnap Princess Toadstool and defeat the heroic plumber that everyone has grown to love. One would almost start to believe that for that scenario to play out as many times as it has that there's a story going on behind the scenes. The princess never seems to defend herself or the kingdom, and of all the people who could save her, it's a lowly plumber. All three parties must be getting something outta this, but we may never know.