Appeared In: Casino Royale (2006)
Played By: Eva Green
Diabolical Weapon: None
Killed By: Drowning suicide

Longtime Bond fans knew of the tragic story of Vesper Lynd even before Casino Royale hit theaters, and Eva Green absolutely nailed the conflicted nature of the character. As an agent for the Treasury, Lynd is tasked with keeping an eye on Bond, who is given a $10 million buy-in for the poker game at Casino Royale. But unbeknownst to all involved, she is being blackmailed by Quantum to steal Bond’s winnings.

Making things more complicated, Lynd begins developing feelings for Bond but still goes along with her plan. She’s not a traditional villain, but she still betrays 007, and not many people are still breathing after that. A character as complex and grey as Lynd never would have survived in the black and white, emotionally sterile world of Connery and Moore’s Bond.