The Complete History of Bond Villains

Tee Hee

Appeared In: Live and Let Die (1973)
Played By: Julius Harris
Diabolical Weapon: Metal hook for a hand
Killed By: A fall from a moving train, when thrown by Bond

After getting his hand bit off by an alligator named Albert earlier on in his life, Tee Hee Johnson crafted a metal hook for a hand that was capable of slicing, dicing, and crushing anything in its path. As Mr. Big’s main henchman, Tee Hee has various run-ins with Bond, but none more memorable than the close-quarters train brawl towards the movie’s end.

It’s an old school fight completely devoid of frills and stunts. In the end, Tee Hee gets tossed out of a train window to his death, but the combination of Julius Harris’ enormous physique and his trademark hook will forever make him one of Bond’s classic rogues.

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