Appeared In: For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Played By: Michael Gothard
Diabolical Weapon: Various guns
Killed By: Bond kicking his car off a cliff

Locque was a cold-blooded killer working for Aris Kristatos in For Your Eyes Only, and he was the type of villain that you loved to hate. With his goofy haircut and stoic expressions, he was never going to join the likes of Jaws or Oddjob as 007’s most memorable henchmen, but the performance by Michael Gothard was so spot-on that he elevated an otherwise one-dimensional villain.

Aside from the performance, Locque is perhaps best remembered for his death scene, which sees him shot in his car as it was hanging over the edge of a cliff. Without a hint of emotion on his face, Bond simply walks over and kicks the vehicle off the edge and Locque falls to his doom. It doesn’t get much more 007 than that.