Appeared In: Moonraker (1979)
Played By: Toshiro Suga
Diabolical Weapon: Kendo stick
Killed By: Bond throwing him to his death

Chang was one of Hugo Drax’s trusted assassins, and during the course of Moonraker, he tries various methods of killing 007, such as sealing him inside of a centrifuge chamber and whacking him to death with a kendo stick. Despite being well prepared and disciplined, Chang suffers the same grisly fate of most foes 007 has crossed paths with. This time, though, Bond throws him to his death as he lands right through an expensive piano in the middle of a dinner party below.

With nothing but his feet sticking out of the instrument, Bond can only smirk and quip, “Play it again, Sam.” This is easily one of the most famous deaths in the history of the Bond saga, and one that elevated Chang from no-name thug to amusing footnote.