Played by: Warwick Davis, Various

And thus begins our Star Wars trifecta. It seems like for every good decision George Lucas made during the span of six movies, there were two or three truly terrible ones that people seem to remember more. And one of the first big missteps of the franchise was the inclusion of the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. Obviously existing purely to entertain kids and boost toy sales, these pint-size teddy bears were so excruciatingly annoying that they poisoned what should have been the trilogy’s finest moment.

Ewoks, who were intended to be the antithesis to technologically advanced society, carry spears and rocks, yet they illogically manage to take down an entire platoon of Imperial troops that was powerful enough to enslave planets in the past. It’s simply inexplicable. We dare you to watch Jedi again and not find yourself rooting for the Storm Troopers.