If there ever was a hipster queen, it would be Lena Dunham, which has been made apparent thanks to her HBO series Girls. But one look at Dunham’s 2009 debut film, Tiny Furniture, puts Hannah and company practically in the same yuppie category as the cast of Gossip Girl. Warning: The plot description that follows may result in severe eye strain, because you’ll likely be rolling them a lot.

In the movie, Dunham stars as Aura, a recent graduate of a university in Ohio (probably Oberlin, as that’s where Dunham herself attended) who returns home to New York City to live with her mother and teenage sister until she can find a job. What follows is 90 minutes of Aura basically complaining about post-grad life and how she’s “having a very hard time.” This all happens despite the fact that she seems to have had no significant traumatic experiences, her mother is a rich artist, and she lives in a gigantic loft in Tribeca that most people would literally kill for.

The "too long, didn’t read" version? It’s #whitegirlproblems, the movie.