The most puzzling design choice of them all is with the camera placement. Considering how Resident Evil 4's off-center camera has been so influential in today's third person shooters, it's surprising that Resident Evil 6's camera work falls short, way short. Maybe it was an attempt to make the characters "pop" on the screen more, but they're just way too close to the camera. There's much less space between their heads and the top of the screen and they take up so much of the screen that they sometimes block your view of enemies that might be in front of them. It's especially troublesome for the handful of indoor areas, mostly in Chris' scenario. The camera can perform wildly when you're getting into a close quarters fight mixing shotgun blasts with melee attacks.

Speaking of melee combat, each character is well versed in close quarters takedowns, with often fatal results. It's come along way from the often cumbersome knife swings from the first Resident Evil; conservative player who are more comfortable attacking from a distance will feel empowered from being able to take on zombies up close in RE6. Being fully aware of the expanded attack tools for the player, Capcom has balanced this out by limiting melee attacks through a stamina bar. With enough stamina, you can execute some lethal combos and even more stylish ones if you melee attack while running. One gripe I have is that it's hard to appreciate the impact of some of the punches and kicks because they sound like muffled thuds. It's a notable contrast over the satisfaction of slicing someone up with knife or bashing a zombie's head in. Yet this issue pales in comparison to the contact issues players will come across when trying to execute melee moves. Imagine running up to a downed zombie with the intention of pulling off a head stomp, only to find yourself kicking in the air.