Parks and Recreations fans are likely familiar with the intricate "Philly Justice" inside-joke that's often discussed by cast members Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Adam Scott, but, according to The Huffington Post, it looks like the joke is about to become a little more than that. As in, a Funny or Die video.

The joke began sometime last season when a picture surfaced on the Internet of Poehler, Jones, Scott, Paul Rudd, and Kathryn Hahn looking uncharacteristically serious while standing outside of a courthouse. When the picture was brought up during an event at the Paley Center, Executive Producer Mike Schur and Poehler both joked that it was a promo image from a failed television pilot for a cheesy legal drama that the cast had filmed prior to Parks in 2003.

Since then, it's more or less been a running gag amongst cast members, apparently until now. According to a tweet from Dylan McDermott, the "show" is actually happening in the form of a Funny or Die video, with him replacing Rudd.

Funny or Die has confirmed that it's happening as well, so it's safe to get excited. 

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[via Huffington Post]