If it looks like a meth lab and is labeled a meth lab, it's probably a meth lab.

Police stopped a vehicle in Memphis early Friday morning for driving with antique license plates that only allow you to drive on weekends and special occasions, and discovered that the driver had a suspended license and was on probation for cooking meth. Police inspected the car and found evidence of a "Shake N Bake" meth lab, which put the 43-year-old man in even more trouble. 

As you can see, the words "Meth Lab" are written on the truck. While clearly not the brightest, the driver isn't that stupid—the Jalopnik article notes that this could've been written on the vehicle by the police. It's just not likely that a man on parole for manufacturing meth and driving with a suspended license would want the world to know he was rolling in a mobile meth lab.

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[via Jalopnik]