Doctors at Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai, China, were puzzled as to why a 30-year-old man who had a nine-inch-long dildo stuck inside of his intestines waited so long to seek medical attention. According to the Shanghai Daily, the man placed the dildo inside of him to "enhance sexual pleasure with his wife."

The man left the hospital after early attempts to remove the sex toy failed, but then returned a day later so that doctors could try once more. Dr. Yao Liqing said that the man could've gone into critical condition if they didn't remove the dildo in time, so they decided to operate if they were unable to remove it with an endoscope.

The doctors were able to remove the massive dildo from his body without surgery, and were reportedly "astonished" to see something that size removed from someone's person. Yao reminded folks to use sex toys "properly," or risk severe injury—because size matters.

[via Gawker]