All my exes live in Texas. That's why I won't be heading to the Dishonored midnight launch event at the Austin Arboretum Gamestop, where fans will get to meet some of the key members of Arkane Studios, including the illustrious Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio.

How illustrious are they? Check out our interview with the duo, which we broke up into 20 things the developers want you to know about Dishonored before you jump in.

Smith, Colantonio and other devs will be at the Gamestop in the Arboretum at Great Hills the evening of Oct. 8 starting at 10 p.m., just in time for the game's midnight release. They'll be meeting fans and handing out giveaways (the first 45 people in line get masks based on the game), and they likely won't object to signing a few things.

So will you be headed out to meet the devs of Dishonored?