48-year-old John Patrick Rogers, who has amassed 28 restraining orders in the past two years, was arrested last week for stalking and harassing his neighbors. Rogers has been an issue for years, but police say that his recent behavior has escalated to the level of felony. Now he's facing five counts of stalking and electronic eavesdropping, as well as several misdemeanors for contempt of court order violations.

Mind you, this isn't so clear-cut a situation. Rogers has autism, though he's highly functional. He's also been suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome since being stabbed by a roommate over a decade ago. However, when you're also shining high-powered lights into neighbors' windows, people tend to be less empathetic.

Police say they've tried to work with Rogers to make sure he was receiving the required social services, but his behavior has grown worse. He's plead not guilty to all charges, and is being held on $1 million bail.

[via LAist]