Boston Mayor Thomas Menino apparently doesn't want to see women in his city happy. The Mayor does not approve of Trojan bringing their free vibrator giveaway to his city. To be specific, he doesn't want them setting up their Pleasure Carts in front of City Hall Plaza, i.e. right outside his office. According to the Boston Herald, a member of the Menino administration sent a letter to Massivemedia, the company that's organizing the event. It read: 

"I would tell you in the strongest terms allowable that I feel this is an inappropriate and irresponsible use for the plaza," Galvin wrote to Massivemedia's Robert Rukstalis. "City Hall Plaza provides access to City Hall for constituents from all walks of life including many families and children."

Though children need not learn about vibrators during their early years, the city can't legally stop Trojan from distributing to joy; City Hall Plaza is a public space. Also, the vibrators come packaged in a responsibly festive box, so it's not like they're on display for the world to see. Lighten up, Menino.

[via Gawker]