The 50 Most Ridiculous Lifetime Movies

32. Danielle Steel's Palomino

Original Air Date: October 21, 1991
Director: Michael Miller
Stars: Lindsay Frost, Lee Horsely, Rod Taylor
Lesson Learned: Horses make everything more epic.

In a story that just as easily could've been lifted from Nicholas Sparks' pages, recently separated photographer Samantha (Lindsay Frost) opts to recoup and enjoy a change of scene by hitting her friend's ranch. Surprise, surprise: She falls madly in love with one of the ranch hands, Tate (the aptly named and gratuitously 'stached Lee Horsley), and they have a good thing going before he suffers from feelings of inadequacy and peaces when he discovers homegirl's previous man was a successful news anchor.

Clearly unable to catch a break, Samantha becomes paralyzed in an accident—and her friend dies, leaving her the ranch. Can this unheard-of streak of bad luck break long enough for the heroine to get her man back? You'll have to steal your girl's mom's VHS tape to find out!

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