Original Air Date: January 30, 2010
Director: Gary Harvey
Stars: Poppy Montgomery, Adam Kaufman
Lesson Learned: Beauty is on the inside, y'all.

Poppy Montgomery—a.k.a. bootleg J.K. Rowling—returns to the Lifetime screen as Nola Devlin, a put-upon, plus-sized magazine editor who, unbeknownst to the discriminatory staff, moonlights as its foxy advice columnist, "Belinda Apple." (After pitching herself, she's dismissed and told she's merely a "big girl with a big dream." Damn. Who even talks like that?) That said, the star's weight struggle and "Cinderella pact" to drop pounds with her friends might be a bit easier to buy were the crew not stuffed into some of the most exceptionally budget-looking fat suits only surpassed by Kaley Cuoco's. (More on her later.)

Making things even more difficult is the fact that her alter ego has an advice book due out that she's expected to make appearances in support of. Oh, and she's also been dating her publisher's son, who's been lying about his identity the whole time. Yeahh, maybe Poppy should've just stuck with J.K. Rowling.