Original Air Date: July 19, 2007
Director: Craig Pryce
Stars: Erica Durance, Paul Popowich, Cara Pifko
Lesson Learned: You're always more attractive the second you're off the market.

Bad dates, teeth-pulling conversations, hours of unwanted snuggling...sometimes you almost wish you could marry yourself. Taking this idea to the next level is the flick's successful yet unlucky-in-love Isabelle (Erica Durance), who, sick of being nagged about when she's going to get taken off the market, decides to take matters into her own hands—by tying the knot with herself.

Once her strange self-proposal goes public and becomes a media sensation, what better a time for her prince charming (Paul Popowich) to show up and beg her to call it off? We bet you can guess what happens from there.