The 50 Most Ridiculous Lifetime Movies

16. Abducted: A Father's Love

Original Air Date: March 31, 1996
Director: Chuck Bowman
Stars: Chris Noth, Loryn Locklin
Lesson Learned: Women can be assholes, too.

In what appear to be efforts to break away from the standard "men are evil" POV the network's come to be associated with, Abducted: A Father's Love made its debut in 1996. Law & Order's Chris Noth was enlisted to star as desperate dad Larry Coster, a man forced to kidnap his daughter to spare her from his abusive ex-wife and her idiot boyfriend. As the FBI is alerted to the well-meaning dude's crime, he develops an alliance with an underground network of moms that help him elude them as he aims to make his way across the country. Oh, Lifetime.

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