If Romney Wins: There's a reason Romney has given this issue the "47 percent" treatment, largely choosing to ignore it, because folks won't like what he has to say. Romney pledges to allow private lenders back into the federal student loan market, leaving students' futures in the hands of banks. Hmm…where have we heard that before? To quote a favorite rapper of many, I think we already know how this thing goes. The lone bright spot on Romney's record appears to be his support of the bill to keep interest rates down. That's quickly erased by the fact that his running-mate opposed the very same measure.

If Obama Wins: In this regard, the President seems to have students' backs. President Obama has pledged to increase grant funds and lower interest rates for borrowers largely reliant on federal aid. Barring any major ideological shift, don't expect that position to change. Earlier in the year, Obama successfully petitioned Congress to stop interest rates on government-funded student loans from doubling to 6.8 percent. Extra change? We’ll take it.