Ever since Superman was rebooted in DC’s New 52, the Man of Steel hasn’t quite seemed like himself. Sure, the red cape and blue costume are there, but Supes is really the company's only hero to not find a true footing in the new universe. As characters like Green Lantern, Batman, Animal Man, Flash, and especially Wonder Woman have flourished, the last son of Krypton has floundered.

In recent weeks, though, there have been rumors that superstar writer Scott Snyder (Batman, Swamp Thing, American Vampire) would be launching a new Man of Steel title, along with superstar artist Jim Lee. Hopefully, confirmation, or at least denial, is on the way. Plus, with Grant Morrison leaving Action Comics in a few short months, maybe the new ongoing writer will be officially announced as well. Again, there have been rumors that Andy Diggle would be taking over, but nothing is confirmed yet.

With a new movie, Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, coming out next summer, DC’s big blue boy scout needs to reclaim his spot as the world’s greatest superhero. New York Comic-Con might be the best place to begin.